There are not enough words to describe how absolutely awesome it was to work with Mary Blake. She knows her stuff. She was on our side and wanted to make sure we got a great place and that the seller fixed any concerns. Buying a house can be stressful. I'm going to say 95% of that was relieved,  because we worked with Mary. We weren't referred to her, we were blessed to stumble across her. We were making a huge move from Vancouver, Wa to Olympia. We knew nothing about the area. She knew where my husbands job was located (which we barely knew) So she could help us find a good location. After our 2nd visit she said I can gather you like older homes and want to be farther out. She read us like an open book. This is so important. We've had realtors in ther past show us what they like, or what they think we should buy. She was open to our unique tastes. She found us our beautiful mid century home in the woods on nearly an acre. She sent it to us the day it came on the market, and said I think you'll like this one. She was flexible and drove over 30 minutes to show us homes out of town. Hubby had 3 days off to see homes. We saw our house his first day off and day 1 on the market. We put in our offer on day 2, and it was accepted on day 3. Mary is simply awesome. We gained more than a realtor in her through this experience. - Nellie P., Shelton, WA

Mary went out of her way to get me into my first home. I was unable to attend the initial tour of my new home so she conducted the walk through over the phone. She kept me thoroughly informed on all my options throughout the buying process. Mary met with contractors on my behalf when I was unavailable. She promptly disclosed any new communication from the sellers even late into the evening. I felt cared for with Mary as my agent. I just hope she doesn't retired before I need her next. - Emily H., Tumwater, WA

Mary was the best possible agent I can imagine. Me buying a house was the easiest thing to do because of her. Pure pleasure, helpful all the way. I gained a dear new friend. 
- Vera W., Lacey, WA